Us8 Billiards technicians are the most qualified professional workers to install the Luxury Pool Tables made in Italy.
Our service is excellent and fast. We support you before, during and after the installation of your Pool Table.
We recommend always to schedule the installation with our expert technician’s factory trained, or with our authorized dealer’s technicians.

Us8 Billiards is a Factory Authorized Distributor with certified, in-house master technicians who are qualified to provide service for: MBM Biliardi, Biliardi Italia and FAS.
IMPORTANT: Always use factory-certified technicians. Using non-certified technicians will void most manufacturer warranties.

To Schedule Service For Your Pool Table
Please contact our service manager at 941 993 9105 or Email Have ready the following information: table manufacturer, age, size in inches, and any other information you can provide about the tables service history. This information is crucial for providing our customers with an accurate quote or scheduling service for your pool table.