We are present in Florida with a large warehouse, for the distribution and repair of the tables, an office and an exclusive and luxury showroom “MBM Biliardi”. Starting from the 2017 we are present also in New York with an exclusive representative office in Manhattan at the Spring Place, and luxury products in the most important buildings of New York.

Our network of Dealers in the most important areas of the USA allow us to offer our customers an excellent service before and post sales. We select only the best brands, 100% made in Italy, offering on the US market the best quality and the exclusive design of our products. The Italian design is the X factor of our products. Thanks to the researched materials and the chance to customize them, our products are unique.

“Design can be art. Design can be simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.” – Paul Rand

Management Members

Massimiliano Maggio
Ceo / Founder

Born in Rome, he started working for the family business “MBM Biliardi” at the early age of fifteen, designing and producing with his hands the professional pool tables that, from ever, distinguish the factory of MBM Biliardi. Afterwards he worked also to the marketing of the company, introducing the MBM Biliardi in the major markets around the world.

Fifteen years ago, when the market of pool tables suffered a deepen crisis in Italy, he thought up the pool tables that turns into beautiful dining tables, creating something different from the other products in this field. He is the main designer of the products MBM Biliardi, and thanks to his innovative design the MBM Biliardi’s products are famous around the world.
He also taught the design of the pool tables at the prestigious Italian University “LABA” in Florence. Today he’s also the CEO of US8 Billiards, the official distributor of MBM Biliardi and other Italian luxury brands.

Sara Malizia
General Manager

She studied Architecture at the University of Roma “La Sapienza” and only many years later she is passionate for luxury sector and marketing. She started her carrier in MBM Biliardi four years ago, as sales manager. Afterwards she started to study the abroad markets and she became the new responsible of USA Market and Export Manager of the luxury brand.

Thanks to her good work, US8 Billiards proposed her to become his General Manager and start up the company in Florida, with a luxury showroom and some dealers. Today she’s opening the second new important OFFICE of the company in Manhattan, New York and she is developing the market through important dealership in many states of USA and the main exhibitions in the luxury furniture field.